Here I am in Blog world. I’ve never blogged before and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. A million thoughts go through my head everyday and I think I should write my thoughts down. I much prefer to type! Well here I go – I guess I should start out that I’m not sure what I’m going to blog about but I will learn as I go along. I’ve looked up other blogs to get ideas and I’ve read everything from bucket lists to 46 things I intend to do this year. The thought of adding another list to my already busy life just doesn’t sound like something I want to do. I have two boys ages 10 and 12. They both play hockey, my husband plays hockey and this year I just started to play hockey. As you can tell from my blogger name, momwhearingloss, I am profoundly hearing impaired. As frustrating and challenging the hearing loss can be, the disability also adds humour to my life.  My husband and children are all within the normal ranges of hearing and as much as they find humour with my disability, they also at times get frustrated.  The things that happen to me on a daily basis because of my hearing impairment will give me plenty to write about, but my plan is to write about things that matter to me, my family, my friends and things on a local or worldly scale that are important to me.  I hope that the blog is filled with humour as well as real life.  I hope the blog is interesting and exciting but the truth could be that my blog is boring and dull – I’ll never know until I try – so wait until next time!

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Just taking one step at a time and writing about the simple pleasures that make me smile.

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