The other night I came home from work and my husband had taken out a large fillet of salmon.  That was his contribution and now it was my turn to figure out what to do with it!  This is what I did:

I covered a baking sheet with foil and oiled the sheet with a bit of olive oil.

Put a few garlic cloves through a garlic presser and spread all over the salmon.

Next – mix some Dijon mustard, soya sauce,  lemon juice and a bit of honey in a bowl until you like how it taste.

Pour on the salmon – if there is time –  let it marinate for a bit, but if not,  no worries fire the salmon into a 350 degree oven and bake for approximately 20 minutes until fish flakes but moist.

Serve with some rice and asparagus and you’re set.


hubbie pulling salmon from the freezer and placing on the counter – 2 minutes.

From counter to the table, including rice and asparagus – approximately 30 minutes!

No one died and everyone said it was good as was evident by second helpings!

Ok – I confess I cheated on the picture but by the time I thought of taking a pic – the salmon vanished!

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