Recently I’ve come across a few blogs about thrifting and what people can do with a $1.00 item to spruce up their house.  Life as a thrifter shares so many wonderful ideas for decorating on on a budget and everything she does looks completely unique and chic.  The Schmitt House has inspired me to re-paint my family room which has just thrilled my husband to pieces – I’m including him in the plans and the work!  Cara Schmitt painted a feature wall red and she loved it when she first painted it but grew tired of it.  I fell in love with the colour terra cotta 5 years ago and decided to paint our kitchen and family room this colour.  My husband told me in 5 years I would tire of the colour, here we are 5 years later and I’m tired of of the colour.  He’s right and I’m wrong – betcha Cara’s husband told her the same thing.  I’m adding another category to my blog  – thrifting and what I do with my finds.  I’ll start out with my living room – I’m going to paint my pumpkin room and show before and after pics.  Here’s a few  before pics of the pumpkin room – don’t hold your breath for the after pics – it may be a while.

Cara thought her mantle was busy  – take a look at this – I’m not even sure how this happened – there is still a Christmas decoration up there and how about that lego ship – my son decided it looked pretty good up there along with the art he drew and shaped into a ball… Keep you posted..

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11 thoughts on “SO INSPIRED!”

  1. I like that pumpkin color. And I love the children’s things turned artwork! My children do this all the time. They see me decorating a table, and they go grab some stuff to add in, lol. I can’t tell them no.

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning me! I’m pretty sure you just made my week, maybe my month! And you are absolutely right, he told me totally warned me!

    Can’t wait to see your after pics!

  3. Yeah, even though I love colors like that, I just don’t have the guts to put them on the wall. The heaviness would somewhat depress me I believe. I need light colors to give me a boost sorta like an open window with sun shining through. I’m about to hire painters to come and do my walls in a light grey. I can’t wait!!

    1. Good for you – the painter was so worth it – I’ve never hired a painter before and I’m afraid I’m hooked! The heavy colour did weigh me down after a while – Enjoy the new grey and having it done for you!

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