As usual this past weekend my husband and I had seven different events happening at rinks.  I have to admit, the weekends wear me down somewhat as I’m trying to catch up with housework, shopping and other stuff.  Today we got home from our day at the rink at about 4:00 pm and both my children joined the group of children and adults playing street hockey in our cul-de-sac.  I on the other hand tried to do all of the housework that needed to be done as my husband decided what to make for dinner.  A good friend of ours, who lives across the street, phoned us at about 5:00 pm to tell us that she had the boys at her house and asked the boys to join her family for dinner, she then said come over and join us as well.  I finished what housework I could finish, put the chicken back in the fridge for tomorrow’s dinner and off we went.  As we were eating  our dinner my girlfriend told me that she just booked a 10 day trip to Mexico and she was going with a girlfriend, leaving hubby and children behind.  My first thought was “good for you” and then my next thought “how do you leave the kids behind?”  Then as the paranoid person that I am, I thought “what if something happens to my friend down there, Mexico is a dangerous place for two woman.”  I didn’t voice this and I didn’t have to as my girlfriend and I think alike.  I asked her if she was excited to spend ten days with no housework, no driving children back and forth to school and sports, just her and whatever she wanted to do?  She said “I feel weird, I’m worried if the plane crashes, I’m worried about being in Mexico – what if something happens?”  She said “before I leave I’m showing Brian everything he needs to know, because you never know.”  I thought there is is the woman I know and love and just as she would say to me I told her not to think negatively that she could get killed crossing the street right here at home!  She’s going and I know she’s going to have a wonderful time and come back here rested and ready to be a mom again.

Later that evening at home I was thinking I don’t think I could go away without the boys and my husband and I was trying to remember if I ever had gone away on my own and then I remembered I went away for a whole week by myself when my mother passed away.  I flew back east for the funeral and spent a week with my siblings sans children and hubby.  The fact that it was a funeral did not make it a joyous occasion, however I was stressed before I went about silly things – I did make sure my husband knew all of our passwords to our bank accounts, made sure he knew all the important things of our financial life just in case the plane crashed, then the thought went across my mind that there would be a heap of housework left for me upon my return.  All of these crazy outbursts were met with patience by my husband who calmly told me all would be well, the plane would not crash, the house would be clean and there was nothing for me to worry about.  The funeral was a sad time, but I have to admit once I was there and able to take the time to spend quality time with my siblings, nephews and niece and was completely focused on them and not  worried about what my children were doing – I really enjoyed the time.   I found this to be somewhat refreshing and I was surprised to feel that.  Needless to say when my week was up and back on the plane heading home I could hardly wait to see everyone.  I didn’t even stress about the house at that point I didn’t care, once we got home and I stepped through our front door the house was neat and spotless.  The next day I grilled the boys about the housework and they essentially told me they cleaned everything up the day before I came home and daddy had delegated them all jobs.  To think that I’m needed to get anything done is funny – obviously everyone is better organized without me.   Both my sons put it in the nutshell for me, they said we were fine without you and had a good time with daddy but we always felt like something was missing, we missed you!

Just the siblings – can’t remember when it was just us in the picture!

sisters – not much time for just us – never happens

Nephews, niece and girlfriends thrown in there too – my, my we’re all getting old!


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