As I’ve mentioned on this blog several times, our weekends are absolutely crazy.  This weekend was no exception.  The boys are coming to an end of their hockey season and the lacrosse season is just gearing up.  Friday night was the most miserable night, raining, cold and my son had a lacrosse tryout at an open box in the park.  We dropped him off and parked the truck somewhere close where we could watch the practice; armed with hot Starbucks lattes.  I know we’re not nice parents, all these parents were out there with umbrellas, hats, gloves and zipped jackets up to their necks and here my husband and I are sipping hot lattes from the comfort of our truck.  The lacrosse practice went until 9:00 pm and the next morning both boys had to be at the rink by 5:30 am for practice.  I stayed home the next morning, but I was up by 6:00 trying to get a few things done before my youngest son’s 9:00 am hockey game.  The rest of the day was spent running around doing shopping, errands,Saturday evening mass, home to get dinner and then out the door again to my oldest son’s hockey game.  We weren’t home until 10:30 pm that night.  Needless to say I accomplished very little in the house.  I recently wrote, “Sorry you’ve got the wrong number, there’s no Martha here” where I talk about letting some of the house issues go.  The problem is that I’ve gotten somewhat laid back and this weekend all that laid backness was starting to stack up.  My bathrooms were about to grow legs and walk out of the house and that is no exaggeration.    I said to my husband, “all three of you promised at the start of this hockey season that you would contribute to cleaning the house and you’ve done very little.”  He agreed and promised that tomorrow  both he and and the boys would help out.  You have no idea how many times I’ve heard tomorrow, so I said to him, “I’m cashing in on your promise, I need help.”   Sunday morning my husband and the boys played a morning hockey game with my husband’s team and were not home until 1:00 pm.  We were invited out to a dinner party Sunday night and I was asked to bring a batch of my corn bread.  My house was so disorganized because of the painting we recently completed and I was still in the process of putting things back in place.  I spent the morning moving things around and by the time my husband got home I still hadn’t finished cleaning the house nor had I made the corn bread.  We had three hours until we had to leave for the party which sounds like a lot of time to make corn bread and clean, but when you have to clean the house from top to bottom, make corn bread and finish the laundry, three hours just doesn’t cut it.  I did the sensible thing, I split all the work into four jobs and we all had our work cut out for us.  My husband had to finish hanging pictures, put up curtains and I handed him the recipe for the corn bread.   The boys had to clean their rooms, do all the dusting and vacuum the house.  I divided the dusting up, one took downstairs the other took upstairs, one vacuumed the stairs, the other vacuumed the upstairs and they both had to put away their laundry.  I took the bathrooms, dusted areas that the boys couldn’t get too and finished up the laundry.  While cleaning the boys’ bathroom, I hear the vacuum start and finish in a very short time.  My youngest runs by me and I say to him, “hey, you couldn’t possibly have finished the vacuuming in that short time.”  He says, “yeah my room is finished.”  “No, the deal is the whole upstairs” I say to him.  He gives me this look, like mom you could not possibly understand, and says “you’re expecting me to vacuum areas I don’t use?”   I was just amazed by his reaction and I called him over and I said “do you see this toilet, I don’t pee here but I’m cleaning it.”  He again stared at me went to say something, thought the better of it, walked away picked up the vacuum and continued to vacuum the entire upstairs.  We made it to our dinner party, the corn bread turned out well, the house was cleaned and I was at the rink by 8:30 pm for my hockey game – mission accomplished!

Cornbread recipe to follow in another blog!

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