I hate making lunches – really hate it!  I would love to tell you that I am this super organized person who has all the lunches packed, prepared the night before.  Not only am I prepared, the lunches are amazing and my kids gobble everything up, come home and tell me what a great mom I am and thank me for the delicious lunch!  Just pinched myself because I was sleeping at the desk here.   Reality is I’m too tired at night and even if I wasn’t tired, I just don’t want one more bloody chore to do at night.  Dinner, laundry, lacrosse games or practices is enough.    So here I was first thing Monday morning before work and I had no idea what to give my kids for lunch.   They never eat anything I give them anyway and I’m seriously thinking maybe if I didn’t pack lunch it wouldn’t matter.  Then again I tried that a couple of months ago, I did give them some food but it consisted of a few things rather than my usual packed lunches.  Figured it would save me the time of going through their lunches and yelling about what they didn’t eat.  When I got home from work that night, they complained I didn’t pack enough food!  So here I am Monday morning and no clue.  Opened up the fridge found some turkey kolbassa sausage, cheese,pizza pretzels, apples, a few chips, chocolate brownie and chocolate milk.  Made them pack all their lunch and off they went.   They love everything I gave them so surely I would have an empty lunch bag upon their return.  They didn’t eat the chips, what kid does not eat chips –  apparently mine!  Back to the wooden board tomorrow and I think it’s time they make their own lunches – the night before!

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