as I walk on this path called life,

many past events haunt me,

wanders in and out of my thoughts when I least expect it,

alters my actions at times in current situations,

brings me anger in times of confrontation,

question motives and actions,

gives me the ability to look directly in eyes,

and see for who they really are,

search for truth and goodness,

empathy and compassion,

silly, funny and loving,

for this is what I see in the ones I love,

family, friends and children,

slowly I walk away from the haunting,

and into the arms of the ones I love,

trusting, loving, spiritual and connected,

in Him I trust.


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Just taking one step at a time and writing about the simple pleasures that make me smile.

4 thoughts on “NEVER TURNING BACK”

  1. Hi Johanne, I have been a blog stalker of many blogs for quite a few years. It might be home decor, fashion, lifestyle blogs – you name it. Well, today was the day that my sister decided to share with me that YOU have a blog,why didn’t she tell me sooner. How exciting that I can now follow a blog of someone I actually know!!! Truth be told, I started a blog myself awhile ago but then gave up on the idea. I will be reading, following and stalking right along. Hope you and the family are all well. Alda

    1. Hi Alda – I saw a message – Alda commented on my blog – I thought I know an Alda! Sure enough it was you! I started this blog to get time to myself! I love pictures, writing, creating, editing – so blogging seemed like the perfect fit. Hope you enjoy it – if you want to get a real laugh – I started a second blog to accommodate my jewellery business – – you can check me out in some ridiculous poses and talking about fashion – go ahead and laugh along with me because I’m laughing and poking fun at myself…hope you are all doing well and hopefully I’ll see a revival of your blog!

      1. I also saw your fashion blog, you fashionista!! I’ve been going into your archives and catching up on your life. Your boys are so GROWN up, they are MEN now, how did that happen???

      2. I know – can’t believe how fast the time is going with the boys – sure you feel the same about yours – you really have to get your blog going so I can catch up with your life!

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