let’s get together

let there be no tears or fears

let’s just sit and ponder

our life in yonder

our time together seems

like a lifetime ago

yet when we’re together

it’s like no time

has passed at all

 distance and miles have not

separated our souls

so let’s get together

over dinner

laugh and remember

all the years gone by

 share our hopes and dreams

for children and family

and hope for a little more time together

to share a bond that was formed

a lifetime ago

by momwhearingloss

Hockey Night in Canada

In the post “Bye, Bye, Great Pumpkin” I talked about getting rid of our orange family room.  I hired a painter and re-painted the room a calm and soothing grey.  Took me a while to put the room back together because once I removed everything from the room, I didn’t want to put it all back.  Several years ago my husband won this big picture of Bobby Orr.  It is a nice picture but how do you decorate around Bobby Orr.  Now, now ladies if you’re saying get rid of Bobby Orr you have to remember that it’s not all about us.  Our hubbies have decorating preferences too – even if you don’t agree with your man’s taste he does have preferences.  My husband loves his Bobby Orr picture,  so being a hockey family we decided to put the picture in our family room.   One night while looking through blogs, I came across Micheline’s blog and really liked her art work.  Why I don’t know, I e-mailed Micheline to ask her if she would consider painting a  hockey picture of my children.  I sent the above picture of the boys, but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted or expected.  Micheline politely said “thank you, but no thanks.”  Part of her reluctance was she thought I wanted a portrait and I assured her I wanted something abstract.  The painting took about two months as she had other commission work to complete.  I had no idea what artistic brilliance Micheline would come up with and other than telling her what number jerseys the boys wear, and a few other tidbits of information, I left the professional part of painting up to the expert.  I guess you can say that this project was a leap of faith for both artist and client.  Glad to say we are both happy with the results.  I love the picture and Micheline took on something out of her comfort zone.   Thanks Micheline for helping me complete my decorating project, the picture looks awesome in our family room and compliments Bobby!   Below is the awesome pic Micheline came up with – I love it -hubbie is still warming up to it!




“But look again!  Those terrifying walls are moving, are changing! A new light is not only creeping over them, but is coming out from their very shadows. See those flattened slopes above the dark sandstone on top of granite; even at this very moment they are being colored in gorgeous stripes of horizontal layers of yellow, brown, white, green, purple. What means this wondrous change? Wherein lies this secret of the great canyon?
Stanton, Robert B.  1909

Continuing on with our trip as chronicled in “Happiest Place on   Earth , 
“Lights, Camera, Action”, we arrived in Williams, Arizona.  Even though we were touring the Grand Canyon during the off-season, I found the hotels very expensive.  Williams is close enough to the Canyon, yet far enough for the hotels to be a more affordable rate.  I hadn’t booked our hotels past Anaheim as we were  unsure where our trip would take us after Disneyland.  We had our lap top on hand so on route I booked the Rodeway Inn @route 66.    We didn’t get into Williams until very late and when we got into our room we realized that this was not our type of hotel.  We were only staying for one night and then off to visit the Canyon but even for one night it was tough to do.  It was February and we arrived during a snow storm, there was no heat in our room absolutely none.  It was bloody freezing and when we closed the front door there was this huge gap at the bottom of the door, so much of a gap that there was snow blowing in under our door way. We grabbed all of the towels and shoved them under the door and proceeded to go to bed fully clothed with our winter jackets zipped up to our chins!  I said to the boys, just think like you’re camping!  There was this old gas furnace in the room and my husband was trying to get it to work and was considering lighting the pilot light.  He thought about it and said “no I don’t think so, this is one of those situations where we might wake up dead!”   I did read the reviews of this hotel and the reviews were good, but when I checked the internet the next night I realized that I was reading reviews for Rodeway Inn@66 downtown.  This hotel was a block away and was far more expensive and because they were virtually named the same I made the mistake of booking the hotel that was not downtown!  After a rough cold night we were off to see one of  the seven wonders of the world.  I was really excited because I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon.  We stopped at a corner store just before entering the park and the attendant at the store strongly advised my husband not to continue driving because the roads were so bad.  My husband got back in the car and said maybe we shouldn’t drive any further.  “The hell with that, we drove all this way and we are not stopping now,” I said.  We continued on and made it to the top with no problems, roads had some snow but nothing we Canadians couldn’t handle!  The pictures I took really don’t do any justice as the lighting was off and on while we were there.  It was just like the quote above said – the light was dancing across the Canyon.  It was quite amazing to see the changing Grand Canyon right before your eyes!
A few pictures of Williams, Arizona
Cows in the parking lot where I was pumping gas – only in Arizona!
We also found the Planes of Fame Museum just outside the Grand Canyon.  The boys wanted to go in, so my husband took them for a tour.  I on the other hand put my head back and had a nice nap in the parking lot!


I’ve added a new category to momwhearingloss.  Friday’s phlog – simple concept really and I like simple.  I post a picture every Friday and everyone can let me know if they like it or not!  Some phloggers follow themes and post pictures with that theme in mind.  I’m not really a theme person, plus if I pick a theme then I’ll have to drive around to look for a particular picture to fit that theme.  I’m more of a random person, when the mood strikes I post or shoot.  Yesterday morning I was out walking my early morning walk and turned onto a street I hadn’t been on before.  I came around a corner and ran into this beautiful pink Chevrolet.  I cursed to myself because I had no camera.   This morning I was out for my walk bright and early  and this time I packed my camera.  Something about the era of the 50’s and 60’s I love.  Clothes were cool, cars were cool, music was cool, Elvis was cool, Beatles were cool – ok I’ll stop there because I could go on and on – here’s the focus of this phlog and  what a  beautie she is:

one lovely blog award

Yesterday I received a nomination for “lovely blog award” from terry1954.  As always I’m thrilled, honoured, humbled and somewhat shy when someone says – hey I like your work.  Thank you Terry for the award.  For those of you who don’t know Terry, she is an amazing lady who cares for her ill brother.  Even though she is one busy lady she always has time to stop by blogs and offer encouraging words.

It’s here that I’m supposed to tell you a little something about myself:

I love a good laugh especially with my children and husband

I love spending quality time with my family as life is so busy quality time seems rare these days

I like to eat – everything – there is nothing I don’t like

I like seeing happy people – you know the ones with big smiles on their faces

I like to walk with nature

I like to watch movies that make me cry

I love the innocence of children

I have a bad temper that over years of practice I’ve learned to control

If I want something done I want it done yesterday

I have no patience except when it comes to my children and when I’m driving, I don’t suffer road rage

favourite quote:

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss

I probably have 100 favourite quotes – here’s another:

“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you” Winnie the Pooh

and the nominees are:


a modern christian woman

no holds barred

Sarah Forshaw

fed and fit

Now to all you nominees  – the whole point of these blog awards is to pay it forward..


There was a time


I would fall asleep

to the sweet lullabies


 frogs and crickets

the songs of these creatures would

lull me into a dream state

and in the morning I would awake

to the beautiful melodies

 of my

feathered friends

each morning I would stir

in my sleep and pull the covers

over my head

 as my feathered friends were persistent and

aroused me from my dream state

much to early

now when I go to sleep

there are no sweet lullabies

of the frogs or the crickets

that beautiful sound has been replaced

by a freight train running through my


replaced by the terrible racket called tinnitus

that loves to cause ringing in my head

and is especially loud

when all the world is quiet

and in the morning

I now

 awake to the sounds


 swishing, ringing and banging

how I miss

the beautiful lullabies of the frogs and the crickets

and the beautiful melodies

of my

feathered friends