In February 2010, Vancouver, BC hosted the Olympics.  Most schools closed for two weeks to accommodate the momentous event.    Our family being sports fans, you think we would have hung out here in Vancouver!   Hell no we decided it was the perfect time to jump  in the car and take a road trip to California and that is just what we did.   I booked the trip from here to Disneyland but after Disneyland we played it by ear and booked hotels while we were on the move using our lap top.  Equipped with a GPS and maps we had a ball.  Wish I was blogging then because it would have been a great blog – thought I’d recreate it through pictures.  We were on the road for two weeks with an 8 and 10-year-old.  We started out through Oregon and stayed  in Ashland the first night.   I remember arriving at the motel after 11:00 pm, couldn’t see a thing and surprised by the landscape pictured through our window the next morning.    That morning we arrived at Yreka, CA and stopped to have breakfast at Grandmas house.  If you’re ever in Yreka and you need a good breakie – Grandma’s House is the place to go.  The trip was a long road trip – too long to put in one blog – next blog I’ll take you to San Francisco!

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