Fast forward our trip to California and we’ve arrived in Anaheim.  Boys were so excited all the way from San Francisco, they could not wait to meet Mickey.  As I’ve chronicled in “happiest place on earth” and “left my heart in San Francisco,” we finally arrived to our key destination.  We were booked in Anaheim for five days and we stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  The Crowne Plaza is a beautiful hotel, however I don’t think I would stay there again.  I would look for something with a kitchenette so we could  prepare food at the hotel.  Unfortunately, because of our car problems in San Francisco we lost one night at the Crowne Plaza, cost us a bit of money.  Not much we could do about that and since we we’re in the happiest place on earth it was time to move on.  Funny how things work out because it turns out the day we were supposed to arrive in Anaheim it was President’s Day.  We ran into a few people we knew who arrived the day before and said Disneyland was a complete zoo.   Apparently the line-ups were hours and hours long and to think we missed all of that!    Double click on one of the pictures in the gallery below to view all of the fun…

Highs:  Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Screamer (boys talked me into joining them, I swear I had an out of body experience up there), Big Thunder Roller coaster,  Tower of Terror(at least that what the boys and my husband said  – I was too chicken to ride it),haunted house(classic but a goody), California Soarin and the list goes on.  Lows:  Ferris Wheel in California Park – I was terrified!  Space Mountain – if I live to be a 100, I will never go on that ride again.  If you look through the gallery above you will see a picture of the family on the space mountain ride, there appears to be only  three of us, my youngest son is behind me ducking low in the car holding on for his life.  Funniest statement – my youngest son would go on the haunted house ride during the day but no way could we get him to ride it at night, when asked why “because it’s haunted mom!”  Next post – Universal Studios…..

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6 thoughts on “CAN YOU SAY MICKEY MOUSE?”

  1. i hate staying at hotels that don’t have a kitchen in them. it makes me spend three times more money having to eat out, and we all know eating out often is so hard on our health, unless we can afford a finer restaurant each time

    1. you’re so right there – we found some cheap buffets but the food was terrible – eat to much of that food and heart attack city – the boys loved it because they had an ice cream bar where they could serve themselves!

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