After three days in Disneyland (can you say Mickey Mouse), my husband and I were ready for something different.  Before heading to California I pre-booked a 4 day pass to Disneyland and a one day pass to Universal Studios.   We lost one day because of car problems in San Francisco and our hotel reservations were up in Anaheim.  We decided to spend the day at Universal Studios and then head to Arizona and Nevada to see the Grand Canyon, good old Las Vegas and back to Anaheim for one day on our way back home.  I’ve never been to Universal Studios before and I had no expectations.  The studio is approximately 35 or 40 miles from Anaheim but it took us forever to get there – there’s never a quick or easy route when driving in LA.  So here we are at Universal Studios.  I really enjoyed the park, more than I thought I would.  We took the studio tour,  you can’t possibly go to Universal Studios without taking the tour.  There’s plenty to do in the park but we couldn’t do everything in one day, especially since we wanted to head back to our hotel before the traffic was out of control.  The Jurassic park ride looked awesome but my youngest did not want to go on it, said it looked to S-C-A-R-Y.  We opted out for the studio tours and Shrek 4- 3D.  We saw Shrek 4 – 3D first and it was very cool  – kids loved it.   The studio tours were a blast, I really enjoyed all the effects.  You can check all the fun below by double clicking on one of the pictures in the gallery:

While in California Park, I bought my youngest son the flight hat and goggles you see him wearing consistently throughout these pictures.  Donkey from Shrek, as seen here, was priceless.  He kept saying to my son – “What kind-a pilot are you, where’s your plane?”  “You can’t call yourself a pilot, you got no plane.”  Had my son in stitches as you can tell by this picture.

We saw plane crashes, a flash flood, old western town,Norman Bates, Whoville, Desperate Housewives, Jaws, Jurassic Park, exploding cars and so much more.   All very entertaining and worth the price tag.  My batteries died in my camera but we toured through some of the housing where the actors in the 50’s use to live while they were filming.  Old 50’s bungalows, actors were kept there during filming – during the era when the studio controlled every aspect of the actors lives.  Next post I bring you the Grand Canyon….

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