“But look again!  Those terrifying walls are moving, are changing! A new light is not only creeping over them, but is coming out from their very shadows. See those flattened slopes above the dark sandstone on top of granite; even at this very moment they are being colored in gorgeous stripes of horizontal layers of yellow, brown, white, green, purple. What means this wondrous change? Wherein lies this secret of the great canyon?
Stanton, Robert B.  1909

Continuing on with our trip as chronicled in “Happiest Place on   Earth , 
“Lights, Camera, Action”, we arrived in Williams, Arizona.  Even though we were touring the Grand Canyon during the off-season, I found the hotels very expensive.  Williams is close enough to the Canyon, yet far enough for the hotels to be a more affordable rate.  I hadn’t booked our hotels past Anaheim as we were  unsure where our trip would take us after Disneyland.  We had our lap top on hand so on route I booked the Rodeway Inn @route 66.    We didn’t get into Williams until very late and when we got into our room we realized that this was not our type of hotel.  We were only staying for one night and then off to visit the Canyon but even for one night it was tough to do.  It was February and we arrived during a snow storm, there was no heat in our room absolutely none.  It was bloody freezing and when we closed the front door there was this huge gap at the bottom of the door, so much of a gap that there was snow blowing in under our door way. We grabbed all of the towels and shoved them under the door and proceeded to go to bed fully clothed with our winter jackets zipped up to our chins!  I said to the boys, just think like you’re camping!  There was this old gas furnace in the room and my husband was trying to get it to work and was considering lighting the pilot light.  He thought about it and said “no I don’t think so, this is one of those situations where we might wake up dead!”   I did read the reviews of this hotel and the reviews were good, but when I checked the internet the next night I realized that I was reading reviews for Rodeway Inn@66 downtown.  This hotel was a block away and was far more expensive and because they were virtually named the same I made the mistake of booking the hotel that was not downtown!  After a rough cold night we were off to see one of  the seven wonders of the world.  I was really excited because I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon.  We stopped at a corner store just before entering the park and the attendant at the store strongly advised my husband not to continue driving because the roads were so bad.  My husband got back in the car and said maybe we shouldn’t drive any further.  “The hell with that, we drove all this way and we are not stopping now,” I said.  We continued on and made it to the top with no problems, roads had some snow but nothing we Canadians couldn’t handle!  The pictures I took really don’t do any justice as the lighting was off and on while we were there.  It was just like the quote above said – the light was dancing across the Canyon.  It was quite amazing to see the changing Grand Canyon right before your eyes!
A few pictures of Williams, Arizona
Cows in the parking lot where I was pumping gas – only in Arizona!
We also found the Planes of Fame Museum just outside the Grand Canyon.  The boys wanted to go in, so my husband took them for a tour.  I on the other hand put my head back and had a nice nap in the parking lot!

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