This past year has been busy with kids, sports, school and managing schedules, however there have been blessings that I cherish.  All  my siblings live back east in Ontario and this year my sister and her husband came to visit in May and just in the last ten days my brother and his wife were here for a visit.  Not being close to my family in miles and not being the best at keeping in touch by telephone, it always amazes me when I see my family how at home I feel.  It’s so good to visit and hang out.  Life is so short and it seems like I see my siblings every six years or so.  When I’m with family I never worry about what they think or if I say the wrong thing because they all know I’m a nutcase and accept me for who I am..as I accept their nuttiness too!  Here’s a few pics of the gang.    We toured Summerland, Pentincton area with my brother and did some wine touring in Summerland and Naramata, BC  – beautiful…enjoy the pics from Summerland to Vancouver….

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Just taking one step at a time and writing about the simple pleasures that make me smile.

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