Lately I’ve been dealing with stupidity, stupid people saying and doing stupid things.  I’m not going to go into detail here about the stupidity as some of the people I’m talking about might be reading this blog.  Besides, this blog is about things that make me smile and this is my attempt to make humour out of a few frustrating situations.  If you are one of those people stooping to stupid behaviour – STOP!

1.  Really – that’s a new word that my son uses constantly and it drives me crazy, but it’s quite effective when dealing with stupid people.   Make sure you muster up a big condescending attitude and emphasize the word “r e a l l y”  did you just say that or did you just do that or simply just say really – enough said.

2. Blank stare – just blank stare – pretend they don’t exist, if you stare long enough the stupid person will start to get a little nervous and leave.

3.  Laugh – laugh out loud and long.  You’ve just been insulted or treated like you’re an idiot and you just laugh – stupid person thinks you’re an idiot so give them one big dose of idiocy and watch the stupid person start to fidget and leave.

4.  Turn your back and talk to someone else and act like the person doesn’t exist – make sure you turn your back on them.

5.  Be extremely nice – you know the saying “kill them with kindness.”  Be super duper phoney – gets them everytime.

6.    Be smart – say something like “did you know that on this day in 1866 The Calaveras Skull was discovered, purported to be evidence of humans during the Pliocene Age but it turned out to be a  hoax.”  That gets them every time!

7.  Cry or rather sob and say ” how can you be so insensitive,  you have hurt my feelings and made me feel so inadequate”  –  just keep sobbing and saying it over and over.  I guarantee the stupid person will move very quickly.

8.  Offer them lunch – right – say “how about I buy you lunch, you must be having a really bad day to be acting so stupid, so lunch is on me – see how the stupid person reacts to the invitation – guaranteed to make them uncomfortable.  I guess that falls in the kill them with kindness category, but it’s hard to come up with 10 tips for dealing with stupidity!

9.  Be stupid back – say something like – oh yeah well how about this – you are ……..  Not sure if this is the best move because you’re only asking for trouble and besides why stoop to their level  – it’s something to write!

10.  Say no to stupidity- completely stay away from stupidity – focus on things that make you happy, people who make you happy.  Reward yourself to  a foot massage and pedicure – this is a sure cure to dealing with stupidity!

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Just taking one step at a time and writing about the simple pleasures that make me smile.


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