The community I live in recently started a new recycling, garbage program.  We all received these beautiful new bins(big bins in the pic).  One bin is for organics, one is for recyclables and the other for garbage.  City also gave us a little bin to put under our sink for food scraps that go in the organics.  The organic bin houses everything, paper napkins, soiled pizza boxes, coffee grinds still in the filter and pretty much all food (including meat).  The recyclable bins holds all cans, bottles, boxes ect  and the garbage bin houses everything that doesn’t go int the first two.  New garbage trucks have been added to the city crew and every week the organics is brought to the curb alternating between garbage one week and recyclables the next.   Eventually those new garbage trucks are going to be fueled by the organic bins.  Big undertaking – amazing how little garbage  I now have, three or four small bags for the entire week….

garbage for on week – see way down at the bottom of the bin….

recycling for the week – busting over the top….

Here’s to a greener world…..

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Just taking one step at a time and writing about the simple pleasures that make me smile.

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