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My youngest son loves to draw, paint and just about anything to do with art.  I think he has a good eye so I encourage him to expand his passion, after all there is more to life than hockey.  Just ask our NHL guys right now!  Lately he’s taken to his Ipad for art and he’s been creating art work to load to a website he’s creating for gaming.  He asked me to paint something with the Ipad last night and the above picture is what I created, it’s a tree and squiggly lines and no the object on the right is not a car as my girlfriend asked me today.  If you ask me why my tree has so many colours, I’ll tell you it’s my tree and I’ll do what I bloody well please!  I wish I was artistic, sadly I’m not.  Below is what my 11 year old came up with, much better than mine!  Hey if I was famous, I’m sure someone would give me big bucks for those squiggly lines…

“Let me ask you something, what is not art? Author unknown

mat art

mat's face picture

battle helmet

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