chicken soupThere is really no recipe involved – this is something I throw together on a whim and depending on what night I’m simmering this soup, you will taste something different every time.  To start off –  whenever I buy one of those pre-cooked chickens in the grocery store for a quick meal, I always take the carcass, freezer bag it and throw it in the freezer.  I do the same thing with the turkey carcass at Christmas.  I never feel like chicken or turkey soup just after I’ve finished eating the meat, I freeze it for later.  This past weekend, Monday and today, the stomach flu has spread like wildflower through our house.    Tonight we were all just beginning to get our appetite back and we  felt like soup.  In the freezer I had a frozen chicken carcass and voila – homemade chicken soup.    Below the steps:

Fill the pot with water so it covers the frozen carcass and boil until meat comes off the bones.

Strain the broth into a pot, separate good meat and add to the broth.

Cut up the vegetables you want to use – tonight I used red pepper, green onion, celery and fresh carrots and carrot tops.

Add more water and a can of vegetable or chicken broth.

Add a handful of pasta or rice

Add spices – poultry, sage, salt and pepper or whatever you fancy – tonight I used just a pinch of chilli powder..

Simmer until vegetables are soft and pasta or rice is cooked – voila – homemade soup in no time!

The picture above is not mine so I have to share the link – who can argue with Rachael Ray – her 30 minute chicken soup looks pretty damn good  – No carcass in the freezer – try Rachael’s 30 minute chicken noodle soup….

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