The year was 1972 and I remember my brother was going to see Led Zeppelin, the coolest band on earth.  Led Zeppelin rolled through my hometown of Montreal that year and I wanted to go.  Of course I was only 8 years old so that was out of the question.  My brother and his friends went and I thought he was the luckiest guy on earth.  I remember when my brother brought the LP home,  I scanned it from front to back and I loved every single song on the album, especially “Stairway to Heaven”.   I envisioned Robert Plant on stage, dressed in white with a giant stairway behind him leading to “some place in the big sky” while he sang “and she’s buying a stairway to heaven.”  Don’t forget Jimmy page – the coolest guitarist ever.   My memory might be sketchy but I recall asking my brother, when he got home from the concert, if Robert Plant was dressed in white!  President Obama honoured the legendary band at this year’s Kennedy Center Honors along with Dustin Hoffman, Buddy Guy, Natalia Makarova and David Letterman.  Ann and Nancy Wilson did a tribute to Led Zeppelin by performing “Stairway to Heaven.”  This has to be the most beautiful tribute ever to a group of talented legendary musicians.   Can’t imagine the pressure of performing this song in front of the President and Led Zeppelin.  The guitarist was under no pressure either.   Funny thing – I showed my husband the video and he said he always thought they were a bunch of long-haired hippies!  Maybe but talented hippies!  Enjoy below – from the days when you had to have talent to be famous!

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