I’ve always been somewhat skeptical and suspicious of strangers.  I don’t trust easy and whenever I deal with sales people, I figure everyone has a story to tell or they are trying to rip me off.  This drives my husband crazy because he says I have to learn to trust at some point.  I think my youngest son has my suspicious nature as this past weekend we met some friends and went to an Abbey Heat hockey game.  The Abbey Heat are in the American Hockey league and the game we went to see was Abbey and Milwaukee Admirals.  Ryan Walter is the GM there and he is really good at the PR game.  In his day Ryan Walter played for the Washington Capitals and the Montreal Canadiens.  Ryan rolled up his PR sleeve and walked around the arena shaking everyone’s hand, talking to all the kids and showing off his Stanley Cup ring.  Half way through the game, my youngest(Matthew) decides he wants something from the concession stand.  Off he went and when he came back to sit down, Ryan Walters was working his way through the crowd in front of us.  Matt leans over to my husband and says ” you see that guy down there, back at the concession stand he tried to tell me that he played for the NHL”, he then rolls his eyes and says “yeah right.”  My husband says “Matt, that’s Ryan Walter, the GM for Abbey Heat and he did play for the NHL.”    My son looked a little shocked and then he says “he asked me if I wanted to try on his Stanley Cup ring, I didn’t think he was real so I said no thank you, I’ve already tried on a Stanley Cup ring.”  At that moment I wish I was a fly on the wall to see Ryan’s face.  “What did Ryan say to you Matthew?”  “He asked me for what team did I try on a Stanley Cup ring and I told him the Chicago Blackhawks.”  I guess Ryan didn’t believe my son because he asked him who he knew from the Blackhawks.  My husband is a friend of one of the scouts for the Blackhawks and all the scouts got the same ring as the players.  A party was thrown and we were all invited to see and try on the ring.  Must admit, it was cool – more cool than I thought it would be.  So when Ryan Walter asked my son to try on his Stanley Cup ring, Matt had already been there done that and wasn’t all that interested.  Comical really because as soon as Ryan pulled out his Stanley Cup ring to any other child, all of sudden all kinds of cameras appeared, people crowded all around and everyone posed with Ryan and the almighty Stanley Cup ring.  Not my son – he has his own pictures..(two very happy boys pictured below!)



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