Pipe Dream #195: To Make Lemonade? – Rocky Road Brownies

piping dreams

rr brownies 1



When life hands you lemons, make rocky road bars. Because life is a rocky road, not an afternoon lemonade stand.

A short list of other coping mechanisms:

  • Pray
  • Make a thankful list
  • Make these

rr brownies 4

First off, chocolate, in the form of brownies. Second off, marshmallows and white chocolate. Third off, pecans. Best life. If you’re looking to pair these with red wine or lemonade, don’t. These are best off with milk.

rr brownies 2



One note and an opinion: I would cover the top of the pan with foil for a little while–the Ghiradelli chips I used got a little burnt. I’ve decided that I hate Ghiradelli white chocolate chips. Strong phrase, I know. But they don’t taste like the Ghiradelli bars, and they don’t temper the same way either. They SCORCH. And it is annoying. I would use the Nestle kind next time. Or break up a bar…

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