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This past week I’ve been off work for a few days with what I thought was a bad cold but would not go away then my throat started to get a little scratchy and before I knew it I had the same symptoms I had a few years ago – strep throat.  Been there done that so I dragged myself to the doctor  where I fell asleep in the waiting room, fell asleep again in the doctor’s office.  The doctor finally came in and after a series of questions and checking this and that, he finally gave me what I wanted – medication – went home and slept some more – slept for two days straight.  I was feeling somewhat better tonight so I decided to do some house work and try to decorate for Halloween – took me way longer than it should have because I had to keep sitting down for a break or water to relieve my coughing fit.   My husband in the meantime found some old pictures, well really not that old  – pictures of when we just became engaged, just after the boys were born – you know the pictures where you look young and vibrant.  As I watched my husband hobbling because his back is out, he had knee surgery this past year so he’s always hobbling with the knee.   I’m walking around coughing  up a lung and looking pale and grey, not to mention my hair is going grey.  I’m going to be forty-nine this November but tonight I feel more like eighty-nine.  As I scanned through the pictures I looked up and caught my husband’s eye and I said “shit we’re old!”  “No were not” he said.  “Yes we are honey face it, we’re old, getting closer to death every day,  you’re hobbling, I’m hacking, we’re ancient.”  He looked at me and said “you’re wacked!”  “After fifteen years of marriage, you’re just figuring that out”- I said.   Little does he know that I’m bound to be more wacked as time moves on!


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Just taking one step at a time and writing about the simple pleasures that make me smile.

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