peaceThis weekend is Remembrance Day weekend in Canada.  November 11th we honour all of the men and women, by land, sea and air, who have lost their lives to give all of us and future generations something we desperately take for granted – “freedom.”  I read this in the Vancouver Sun today, Peter McMartin is my favourite columnist, I read everything he writes – guess you can say I’m a big fan.  Today he posted a simple letter from a pilot who had joined the ranks of the air force to face the enemy many moons ago.  Tom Walmsley was this man’s name and his simple wishes for his son became a “life manual” for his two-year old son.  A life manual Tom’s son never took for granted and based his whole life on his father’s simple wishes – read below – I promise after reading it you will be filled with gratitude for what you have and cherish the freedoms we all have been given because of the great men and women before us…..May we never forget and continue to support the many men and women who continue to fight for our freedom.    Double click below:

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