let it snow

We were blessed to have some snow here in Vancouver – not an everyday occurrence.  Last night I was about to head out to the gym when my husband showed me a posting on Facebook from a mom in our hockey community – she had posted pictures of a farmer’s field where she was at that moment with her children skating on an open rink. Open rink – brought me right back to my childhood in Quebec – I had a million things to do like Christmas cards, cook dinner, laundry but I didn’t hesitate – I called the kids, grabbed our gear and took off in the truck to find the farm.  I drove by it three times because even though I could see the lights and the people, I couldn’t figure out where to park.  It turns out the farmer had opened his front gate and invited people to park on his property and enjoy the ice rink he made by flooding his field – it was awesome – he had generators, music and lights.  He was serving hot dogs and hot chocolate for  a donation.  As I was driving out of the farm – I saw a small sign on the front gate – “Welcome to God’s Little Acre Farm.”  “I’ve heard of this farm,” I thought.  When I got home, I looked up the farm on the internet and indeed I had heard of “God’s Little Acre.”  He is a farmer who has dedicated his life to feeding the poor – he dedicates 30 acres of his land to produce food for the local food bank.  His project has grown and he has hundreds of volunteers help him sow the land and harvest the crop. He does all kinds of fundraising to make this project possible – create an ice rink and serve hot dogs and hot chocolate is one of his endeavours.   An interesting story and an example of what you can do if you’re determined…All I know is that for a small donation, we had a great time skating in the fresh air late into the evening.  Thanks Jas…


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Just taking one step at a time and writing about the simple pleasures that make me smile.

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