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I’m entering this photo in the  daily post photo reward photo challenge.  The daily post runs challenges every week.  If the theme catches my attention I’ll participate.  I participated one other time during the minimalist theme.  I was intrigued by the  word “minimalist,” different meaning to different people.  This week’s photo challenge “Reward” made me think.  The meaning of reward comes in many forms.  Beer, wine, party, vacations, shopping, restaurants – all rewards for hard work.  My boys were in a hockey tournament a few weeks ago in Bremerton, Seattle.  I spent the entire weekend at a hockey rink, hotel or eating dinner with 20 hockey players and  their parents.  For some parents, time with their child watching them play hockey all weekend is their reward.   As much as I enjoy watching my boys play – my reward is time to myself.   As soon as I got a break I grabbed my camera and headed out to the dock located by our hotel.  To someone this boat is their reward.  Time to myself to capture someone else’s reward is not only a reward but a time to relax, unwind, reflect and save my sanity during a weekend filled with boys’ activities!

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Just taking one step at a time and writing about the simple pleasures that make me smile.


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