Remembering ‘hidden’ moms on Mothers Day.

An interesting Irish tale with a twist..

My thoughts on a page.

This is a true story.
It is one I wrote two years ago, but I am always reminded of it on Mothers Day (which in Ireland is today). As I’m pretty sure most of you have never read the original I’ll tell it to you once more.small__495579635

Years ago I was on a training course. Towards the end of it we were doing a night on loss. The idea behind the night, is that unless you deal with your own demons you cannot help others deal with their difficulties. We were all nervous, as we had been informed that our guest tutor was extremely experienced in this area and most people ended up in quite a state. I attended that night like one going to a hypnotist. He would not get to me. I would not break.

The night was very interesting letting us know that loss is about so…

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2 thoughts on “Remembering ‘hidden’ moms on Mothers Day.”

    1. You’re welcome – I have a similar story in my family too- Interesting enough my Irish Grandmother in Ireland! Maybe one day I’ll tell it – but true to the Irish it’s a secret that we all know about but no one talks!

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