As she pressed through the ancient wooden door,

she wondered if he was there,

often she drops by and sits alone in his house,

and wonders if he hears her,

she needed him to be there this time,

surrounded by his ancient walls,

she could only hear the crickety sound

of his floorboards,

the smell of dust and ancient wood filled her nostrils,

as she sat down in his chair and stared out his window,

closing her eyes, she tried to imagine what he would

be like if he was there,

would he be warm, would he make fun of her or

would he rebuke her,

after some time and deep into thought,

the candles to the right of her suddenly lit,

she felt the warmth of him stirring from deep


as he sat down beside her,

and guided her to feel complete and whole,

giving her the strength to face her fears

and embrace her worries,

letting her know that he is there,

for her,

in this world and beyond


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Just taking one step at a time and writing about the simple pleasures that make me smile.

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