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“Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything.”

It’s taken me quite a few years to commit to a dog again.  Three years ago I bought two guinea pigs so I could avoid the dog issue.  The plan backfired because the excitement lasted two days and I ended up being the caretaker of guinea pigs.  Guinea pigs that ended up sick and many nights I was up all night feeding water, medication and giving tender loving care to very sick animals.  Guinea’s are smart, cute and lovable but I can’t say I’m really a guinea pig person. I started to think about a dog a year ago and I knew I wanted a Shepherd.  Last Sunday we went for a drive to several SPCA’s in search of a dog not really expecting to find one.  We visited four animal shelters and the last shelter we visited, we met him.  I asked the staff if our family could spend time with him and after spending an hour with the dog, he felt like he was a part of our family.  The only problem – his name is Chaos.  I really don’t need chaos in my life so as I was writing up the application to adopt him, I told the boys we have to change his name. Adopting a dog named Chaos seems to be asking for trouble.  The boys love the name and Chaos responds very well to his name.  The lady at the SPCA told me that I might cause Chaos confusion by changing his name so I changed the spelling – I spelled it KAOS – makes me feel like I somehow have control over the Chaos entering our lives!

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