the fired sun

The last few weeks I’ve been biking to work and last week as I was getting my bag ready for my commute and my day at work, I looked out the front door and thought what is wrong with the sun?  The sun looked apocalyptic and the air seemed to be thick and suffocating and then I realized the sun’s rays were burning through smoke in the air giving a doomsday feeling to the sky.  The Sunshine Coast in British Columbia was on fire and the effects were felt throughout the lower mainland.  The smell of smoke lingered through the air and when I went outside, I felt a burning sensation in my eyes.   I decided to leave the bike at home that day and drive releasing more fuel emissions to the air adding to the smog.  As I looked around at all of us ridiculous people sitting in the comforts of air-conditioned vehicles, I thought about what world scientists are saying.  They’re saying we need to change our ways now and as I looked up into the sky at the Armageddon sun, I thought “we are so screwed.”

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