Born Free


“Heart to heart conversations are the best to me.  Everyone’s vulnerable.  Vulnerability attracts honesty, honesty attracts soul connections”.. nofacewrites

After a busy work week I tend to spend Saturday mornings lazing. I get up early and grab a coffee, a book and try to relax before anyone else in the house is up.  It’s usually just me and the Kaos dog cuddled on the couch in my living room or if the weather’s nice, Kaos and I cuddle up on the couch outside on the front porch.  The problem is that I really get into relaxing and cuddling with the Kaos man and before I know it a few hours will go by only to realize I have a whole house to clean, laundry to do, blah, blah…grrr.. you know the score.    My constant dilemma – relaxing or housework, relaxing or housework.  I pick relaxing then my housework piles up and I get frustrated.

Every Spring I look at all the windows and siding  and at some point I’ll mention to my husband that we have to get out and do the big wash.  Miraculously just when I’m thinking about pulling out the ladder and doing the chore, some guy will show up at my door offering to wash my windows and clean my siding.   It’s weird how it’s usually when my husband is out and it’s just me and the guy haggling over a price.   I usually get the guy down to a good price and last spring I got the man to take $50.00 off by promising to make him a fantastic lunch.   By the time I was getting the man lunch, my husband came home and he sees  a guy with a long brush washing the house.  Drew makes me laugh because he never says “how much did you pay him?” or “who is this guy?”  he just wants to make sure he’s not power washing the house because power washing ruins the siding.

So back to my Saturday; it was a beautiful morning and I spent the morning sipping coffee outside on the front porch with the Kaos man.  Drew had worked a brutal midnight shift and was unconscious in bed and I’m sure a bomb wouldn’t have woken him up.  I decided to get off my ass and start working and as I walked into the house I made a mental note to talk to Drew about cleaning the windows and siding.  I’m not in the house five minutes and Kaos goes crazy, barking like a madman to the front door.  I didn’t hear the doorbell ring and I opened the door to find this kid, no more than sixteen, standing at the front door.   He had long dirty blonde wavy hair past his collar and beautiful blue eyes.  I noticed the boy’s blue eyes because his eyes were wide as saucers as he was staring at the Kaos man on his hind legs barking and showing the boy just how big his teeth were all the while I was holding Kaos back by his collar.  I told the boy to give me a minute and I closed the door to calm Kaos down.  I opened the door and the Kaos man and I joined the boy on the front deck.  Immediately Kaos is jumping all over the boy and sniffing his entire body. I apologized to the boy and tried to pull Kaos off but Kaos kept at it.  The boy introduced himself as Scott and laughed and said his pockets were full of beef jerky that’s why my dog was trying to get into his pants.

Scott  sat down on one of my chairs and just stared at me for a good couple of seconds.  It was a different exchange of energy.   I didn’t feel threatened or nervous in any way, I could tell it was this boys’ way.  He was a complete free spirit, so free I don’t think I’ve ever encountered someone with such a free spirit before.  Just looking into his eyes for those few seconds was a very comfortable and strange sensation.  I sat down in the chair beside him and I introduced myself and it was then I noticed his shirt and the company logo.  I had seen the company van in the neighbourhood before and I realized that he was going door to door selling window washing and siding services.   I laughed and I said “well Scott how much are you going to charge me for washing my windows, siding and cleaning my gutters?”  His eyes went wide as saucers again and said “how did you know that” with the look of amazement like I was some kind of psychic  lady.  “The company logo on your shirt Scott, dead giveaway.”  “Oh ok”, he says, “here is the deal” and he hands me a contract. “You fill this out and give me the cash and then we’ll come back in June and complete the work.”  “mmmm, I said, here’s the deal, you and I agree on the price, you do the work, I check the work to make sure it’s to my satisfaction and then I give you the cash.”  Again those beautiful blue eyes, wide as saucers and he says “wow lady, you drive a hard bargain, but that is not how my boss works.”  “Well then Scott, you tell your boss that it’s either my way or the highway.”  “He’s not going to go for it miss, how come you won’t pay now for the work later?”  “Because Scott, that is how scam artists work,  I’ll pay you now and you won’t be back.”  “He then leans over and says to me “I like the way you think, my boss doesn’t think that way, there is no way he’s going to go for it but I’ll give it a try.”

He then abruptly jumps up off the chair, takes one step and jumps in the air over the gate that I have on the front porch to stop Kaos from roaming the neighbourhood.   Scott’s boss is waiting across the street in a van and it takes Scott a few minutes before he comes back.   When Scott returns he  sits down on the chair beside me and stares at me in silence for a few seconds pops some beef jerky in his mouth and then says  “nope, he won’t go for it, says he’ll take some money off if you pay him now to come back later.”  “You know scott, I like you but your boss needs his head read, you will have to tell him that I don’t do business that way.”  Scott stared at me for a few more seconds then flipped his head back and dives his hands into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone.  “I like you, you seem like  a nice lady and  you like dogs, I thought you might want to see pictures of my dog.”  We then looked at pictures of his dog for a few minutes and his boss lays on the horn obviously frustrated as Scott was not making a deal, he was enjoying a casual nothing conversation.   Scott takes his time talking about his dog and sharing all his pictures when he suddently leans into me, looks me straight in the eyes and says,  “I’ll be honest, the way my boss is approaching this is really stupid, but I get a few bucks at the end of the day.”  Then with a quick step and a jump over the gate he was gone without a “have a nice day or see ya later,” leaving me with a smile for the day every time I thought of his big saucer blue eyes and popping beef jerky in his mouth while he was tryint to get me to sign a bogus contract.   I just know with his free spirit he will float into some kind of path in life, but it won’t be the path of a salesman.




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Just taking one step at a time and writing about the simple pleasures that make me smile.

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