We bought these two cuties a few years ago – unfortunately the white one died.  I’ve never owned a guinea pig before and wasn’t all that excited to own one.  There is more to these little rodents than meets the eye.  They are cute, loveable, smart, loyal and fun.  Listed below are a few things I’ve learned from our guinea pigs by watching their behaviour.   I’m not exaggerating  about the behaviour – they have exhibited all of these behaviours.

  1. Be happy and really show it  jump up and down and squeal in delight over anything that makes you happy.
  2. Eat, eat and eat some more – eat everything you want – just graze all day – small helpings all day.
  3. Eat only good fresh food, turn your nose up to anything that has been packaged in plastic and eat only fresh food.
  4. Talk, talk gibberish all the time – even if they don’t understand you, keep staring at them and keep talking.
  5. Keep your self neat and clean – groom and groom some more.
  6. Never go to the bathroom in the same place where you eat.
  7. If something or somebody makes you unhappy show it by showing your teeth – better yet bite them.
  8. If somebody tries to take your house   – hold your stance even if it means death.
  9. Accept cuddles all day long – especially nose rubs.
  10. Be loyal to your friends and family and never leave your loved one’s side at their deathbed.