Today is my 47th birthday!  I’ve never been one to make a big deal out of my birthday – my favourite way to spend my birthday is to hang out with my family and just enjoy the time spent.  This morning I got out of bed late and I was running around like a chicken with my  head cut off to get my lunch together and out the door for work.   Thankfully, my children did not have school today because I barely had time to get my lunch together never mind theirs.  I came flying down the stairs to grab my stuff and go and both my children were in the kitchen signing my birthday card .  I said I’ll have to get that later, I’ve got to run.  My youngest said no, no mom you have to open this card now with this huge smile on his face.   His smile always sucks me in, so as late as I was, I waited until they finished signing the card, put it the envelope, sealed it with a lick and handed it to me.  I opened the card and the front of the card is framed in a gold frame and in the middle there is a picture of a Hawaiian Elvis.  On the inside of the card it says “Have a hunk-hunk-a birthday cake”.  On the back of the card it says “For his eighth birthday Elvis got a guitar, instead of the bicycle he wanted and the rest is history”.   So corny but I loved it.  I’ve always been a big Elvis fan, just love him.   I was 13 years old when he died so it’s not like I was old enough to ever see him in concert.  When I was a youngster I loved to watch his concerts on tv or those corny string of movies he made – I just wanted to watch Elvis.  Now don’t get me wrong it’s not like I have pictures of Elvis all over my house, I don’t have every CD, I don’t listen to him every day and I’ve never seen an Elvis impersonator.   Recently my husband picked up a coffee table Elvis book at a garage sale, which I proudly display.   I’ve always felt that Elvis was one in a million and as I tell my boys he was just this beautiful being.   The boys always say “beautiful – a man beautiful?”  Yes beautiful – that’s the only way to describe him.  I think I’ve always appreciated how he came from very poor roots and God gave him, and the world, the most enormous gift in his raw talent and moves, yet he never forgot where he came from.  Unfortunately, we all know how his story ends and his story really is a sad one, but for my birthday I choose to focus on his beauty,  his beautiful voice and unforgettable music and the world is so fortunate that his parents got him that guitar instead of the bicycle he wanted!

“If you let your head get too big, it’ll break your neck.”
― Elvis Presley