my art

My youngest son loves to draw, paint and just about anything to do with art.  I think he has a good eye so I encourage him to expand his passion, after all there is more to life than hockey.  Just ask our NHL guys right now!  Lately he’s taken to his Ipad for art and he’s been creating art work to load to a website he’s creating for gaming.  He asked me to paint something with the Ipad last night and the above picture is what I created, it’s a tree and squiggly lines and no the object on the right is not a car as my girlfriend asked me today.  If you ask me why my tree has so many colours, I’ll tell you it’s my tree and I’ll do what I bloody well please!  I wish I was artistic, sadly I’m not.  Below is what my 11 year old came up with, much better than mine!  Hey if I was famous, I’m sure someone would give me big bucks for those squiggly lines…

“Let me ask you something, what is not art? Author unknown

mat art

mat's face picture

battle helmet


A little while back I found a quote on studiolightblue – “Let me ask you something, what is not art?”  Love that quote because it says it all.  You just have to have a love for beauty to admire art and everyone knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  I love art and I know what I like, but I don’t have money to invest nor  the knowledge to have an expert opinion.  I do have a few good framed prints but my favourite framed art is my children’s’ art:

If you click on the cross to take a closer look, you will see that the whole cross, including Jesus, is made out of clothes pegs!  The innocence in children’s art can’t be bought. Beside showing off your children’s art, framing your child’s art is truly debt free decorating.  I also love photos and enjoy  having photos of my family around. Pictures from my grandparents’  day up to pictures of my parenting days!  I like to surround myself with happy reminders and what better way to do that than frame photos.  I created the space below on a small wall – picked six of my all time favourite pictures:

I also created a wall of old timers, a group of pictures showing past generations.  I like to show my children that a time existed before they were even thought of, for that matter before my husband and I were thought of!


Finally, before I got married I mentioned to a friend that I really liked Caillebotte’s “The Floor Planers” (Les raboteurs de parquet).    For a wedding gift she bought the print and had it framed.  I loved the gift, so personal and I hold the gesture close to my heart.   Something about men without shirts on working – no, no, it’s the brush strokes and detail!  Seriously, I think my fondness for this picture is  because Caillebotte had the nerve to show workers – something artists would not do during his time as this was not considered good taste.  Caillebotte’s floor planers shocked or rather rocked the socialites of the day – they called it “vulgar subject matter.”   Good for you Gustave!