dog's life

Now that I’m blessed with the gift of a dog, you can find me at the nearest dog park.  Kaos needs socialization as he was crated and neglected until I met him.  Every time I take him for a walk and he sees another dog, he loses his mind.  At first I thought his behaviour was aggression but it didn’t take me long to realize that he just wanted to play with every dog he saw.  There is a dog park close by that has acres of trails and woods to run through.  I take Kaos there as much as I can as he gets more exercise running amok with his dog friends than I can give him in a two hour walk.  The boys came with me last week and we met this gorgeous five month husky puppy.  He was a cutie and now my son wants another dog.  He swears if I buy him a husky pup, he’ll walk him daily with no complaints.  I remember hearing the exact same words a month ago when we met Kaos at the SPCA.  Listening to the same promises all over again, I laughed and I said “I didn’t adopt Kaos for you, I adopted him for me and the novelty of a new dog wears off fast when you have to walk him every day.”  It’s a dog’s life and I’m committed to Kaos and the return for my investment in time and money is unconditional love every single day.