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Sitting below the stairs in that grey, cold, inhabitable space, Charlotte recalled the sense of peace and calmness the cramped and lifeless space brought to her so many years ago.  It all started when Charlotte was seven years old and out of nowhere the eruption would happen.  Her parents would be screaming at each other … Continue reading

Puppies Behind Bars

Puppies Behind Bars

  I usually re-blog recipes – this is such a great story and  I think everyone would benefit from reading it –  especially all you dog lovers – I’ve already seen what dogs can do for the human soul – read for yourself – double click below: Puppies Behind Bars.


We all have a connection with our moms.  Some have more connection than others, but most of us have a connection.  I’ve always been close to my mom, not that we didn’t fight, we did fight, like cats and dogs.   The fighting was part of our connection.  My mother was very outspoken and she didn’t … Continue reading