“It is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all of your life.”  Elizabeth Kenny


I took this picture of my youngest son a few years ago.  He came home from school one day and announced he wanted a mohawk haircut.  He was playing box lacrosse and several of the kids on the team decided that intimidating haircuts would suit their lacrosse style.  Why, I don’t know because they wear helmets, it’s not like any of the opposing team saw their hair.   However, if you feel like a lion then you roar like a lion.  I didn’t mind the haircut, I like mohawks and the haircut suited my son.  The problem was that the school he was going to had a rule against mohawk haircuts. The rule went against my grain as I believe you have to let children be themselves and not make a big deal of things that don’t matter – like hair, clothes and style.  At the same time I do teach my children to follow rules, but it was June and there were only a few weeks left of school, so my husband and I decided to let  Matt cut his hair in mohawk style so he could join the ranks of his team.  We warned him when he went to school the principal would have something to say.  We coached him to be respectful but to stand up for himself and tell her why his hair was cut that way.  His first day at school with his new style, the principal approached him and he told her it was for his team.  Didn’t impress her much and she met my husband at his car when he pulled in after school to pick up the boys.  My husband told her that we decided let him cut his hair in mohawk style knowing the school rules.  The principal decided to compromise – he didn’t wear his hair in mohawk style while at school.  I thought the compromise was ironic because a mohawk style not worn in mohawk style looks terrible.   Not one other child at his school had a mohawk and every day he proudly went to school showing off his haircut.  There comes a time in everyone’s life where  you just gotta break the rules, face the consequences and stand up for yourself..