At 8:30 pm the kids were in bed, my husband was napping before his midnight shift and I found myself alone  – the kitchen was clean – time for me  – I fixed myself a snack:

I turned on the tv and this is what I watched:

No sound except the crackling of the fire.  A cup of sleepy time tea, a piece of pomegranate fruit –   a little piece of heaven.  All is quiet, no bosses to deal with, no co-workers, children are quietly asleep, husband is most likely snoring and it’s just me – my fire, my tea and my pomegranate.  I swear I feel the heat from the fire and I think I have an understanding why some people choose to be hermits!  Unfortunately, the couch I am sitting on is along the wall that is adjoined to the laundry room and I can feel the vibrations of my washing machine completing it’s last spin, just waiting for me to move the clothing to the dryer – damn machines!