summer living collage

“Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are.” Chinese Proverb

With the change of seasons, I find myself emotionally winding down, stopping and smelling the flowers and lounging on the couch reading.  I feel blessed to have an outside room where I can relax and spend my time reading or relaxing with my husband and boys.  When we bought this house we had been looking for close to a year to find a house that not only suited our needs but the needs of my mother-in-law who resides with us.  I remember stepping up on the front deck, breathing in the surroundings and I turned to our real estate agent and said, “I’m sold!”  Jeff was his name and he said “I’ll believe it when I see it because you guys have blown off every house I’ve shown you.”  Stepping on the deck, I knew we were going to live there and sure enough the whole house worked and we made an offer right there and then.

I didn’t have any furniture for the front deck so I used what I had and bought a cheap bench but it was not the space I was visually inhaling that first day I stepped on the deck. My thrifty ways fixed that and I created a little paradise outside my front door.  I broke down the cost in summer bring it on.  For just under $600.00, I created an outdoor living space that we all love and fulfilled the vision I had when I first stepped on the deck.   Last year I added another addition, a wrought Iron cafe set.  I’ve been wanting a small wrought iron cafe set for a few years but refused to pay the price.  Thrifting paid off as I found a set during one of my thrift hunts and paid $60.00 for a table, two chairs and cushions.  The store owner wanted a $100.00 and I only had $60.00 in my wallet.   I offered him $50.00 and he seemed insulted, so I offered him all the cash in my wallet. The owner stood on one foot, then the other and scratched his head and he said $75.00. “No I’ve only got 60 bucks take or leave it.”  He took it and I was able to complete my vision for my outside room.

For my $600.00 investment we are rewarded with family time, reading time, sleeping time, lounging time, wine time and breakfast time.  I grow herbs and lettuce in pots and as I sit on the couch sipping my beverage;  lemon balm, mint and sage fill my senses as I dive into the world of time travel, romance, mystery, detectives and criminals, paranormal, history, espionage and biographies.