Sloan Churman was born with sensorineural hearing loss, she has had limited hearing and has worn hearing aids since the age of two.  Eventually hearing aids will not help people with sensorineural hearing loss because the hair cells are either dying, damaged or abnormal at birth.  Noise is heard when wearing hearing aids but at times it is hard to make out words or sentences and Sloan describes it best – “it’s like being under water”.    Sloan received an esteem implant from Envoy Medical.  What makes these implants so amazing is that the implant utilizes eardrum vibrations to create natural hearing – unlike hearing aids that just amplify everything.  These implants are specifically designed for people with sensorineural hearing loss – click on the link below and watch Sloan’s joy.  I’ll be following this technology as I believe I will be a candidate for this in the very near future.

video of woman hearing voice for first time