Art washes from the soul the dust of every day life.” Picasso

wall art 2

The Daily post weekly challenge – wall – couldn’t resist this one – I adore wall art. When an artist can take a dull and ugly building and turn it into a piece of art, I gaze upon it in complete awe. I took this shot while driving along the Oregon Coast – this beautiful piece was painted on an old fish cannery. The stench from that building was nauseating, yet this mural caught the beauty of the coastal town.


Our family just completed a month long camping adventure.  We started down the Oregon coast to Beverly Beach and then a trip to Summerland, BC.  The  Oregon Coast trip was the trip to get away from everyone and everything.  Goodbye to computers, computer games, telephones, Facebook, WordPress, Netflix and TV, hello to camp fires, roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, boys playing cards with their grandmother, walking, bike riding, talking, eating outside everyday and exploring different haunts.  The boys were in a hockey camp in Summerland, BC.  Goodbye boys for us, hello wine tours and swimming in the lake, hello hard work and exhaustion for the boys and goodbye to life as they know it!  My husband and I definitely got the better deal in Summerland.   I’m not lying, both boys wanted to participate in the hockey camp so I have no guilt what-so-ever.  Enjoy the pictures below starting with the Oregon Coast..

oregon coast collage

Beverly Beach Collage
coastal collage

Coastal and Newport, Oregon Collage

lighthouse collageYaquina Bay Lighthouse, Newport, Oregon  Collage

summerland, bc collageSummerland, BC – Collage