Finally, the last few days we’ve had deck weather.  Weather so beautiful, we can sit in our outdoor room that I created.  Love our front deck and while thrifting this past January, I found the perfect four piece furniture set to make the outside space a true paradise.  We sit out there with our morning coffee, our afternoon tea and  sip our after dinner drinks watching the boys play roller hockey well into the evening with the added touch of the glowing candle lighting from the lanterns.  Summer – I can hardly wait until the boys finish their Spring hockey so I can really have lazy weekends on the front deck.. No don’t say it, I know you’re thinking it, by the time I can laze around it will be raining – bad thought – go away.  Below is a collage of our front room – everything you see I thrifted – from the plaques on the wall – $2.50 each at Salvation Army, picture frame – 10 cents at Salvation Army.  Tray and white planter  on coffee table – $3.00 at Salvation Army.  Green couch, chairs and coffee table(beautiful wicker set) – $480.00 at Bibles for Missions, outside lanterns – $2.50 a piece on sale at winners(not thrifted but a thrifted price), unique round plant stand – $5.00 – garage sale, everything you see on the unique round plant stand – garage sale – all $1.00 – $2.00.  Picture behind the couch(looking for the right hook to hang it up)$5.00 – Value Village, Curtains( 5 panels – covers whole deck) Cheap material shower curtains(won’t rot in the rain) $9.00 per panel – used seven panels to make the curtains just under $65.00.  All in all, I spent just over $570.00 and the biggest expense was $480.00 for the outdoor furniture.  Living on the cheap and loving it.  Double click on the picture below for a better view.