Now that Spring Break is over, I’m busy thinking about the next break.  The older I get the more I like down time and no work time.    We started the Spring Break off with work.  Yep – always start with what you dread so it feels so much more fun when you’re finished.  We painted all of our entrance way, up the stairs, upstairs hallway and the laundry room.  Who would of known that these three little innocent words below could cause so much trouble:


Those three little words caused this:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYep – took the plaster right off the wall.  Hubbie was not too happy with me, since I insisted those nasty three words go up in the first place.  Stencil, people, stencil!  No more using two sided tape to hang letters on the walls.  Had to use a heat gun  to get the letters off with minimal damage.  No living, loving or laughing at that point.  A lot of screaming, shouting and swearing.  After the work was done we decided it was time to treat ourselves for all of our hard labour and headed to White Rock for an Italian dinner at Italian Touch.  We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner.  Bought a Groupon and it was worth it.  Here’s our view from our table:


The dinner:


The dessert:


The next day we decided to head down to Marysville, Washington and spend the night, do a little shopping and more eating.  The Tulalip Resort is five minutes  away as well as a great outlet shopping mall.  I spent a total of $35.00 shopping and got three items.  The boys are into the Under Armour hoodies – $150.00  later the boys got three hoodies and one Nike jacket.  How did that happen – I get the cheap the boys get the expensive!

That night we decided on Mexican for dinner and I found this little authentic gem on the GPS.  Reading the reviews through travel advisor – all said not to be turned off by the restaurant’s appearance inside and out.  Not your trendy place but good down to earth authentic Mexican food served and cooked by the father  and son owners.  El Rinconcito  in Marysville – worth a visit if you’re travelling through the area.  We didn’t get to the restaurant until 8:50 pm and the restaurant was closed at 9:00 pm.   I told the owner I would understand if he didn’t want to serve us as we were so late.  Through his broken accent – “no, no, please you and your family sit down and eat!”  Very true to the trip advisor reviews the appearance of the restaurant in and out was not appealing.  The area looked a little rough and I didn’t take a picture of the view from our table because there was a  police incident going on outside!


Looking at the prices of the dinners  (all $10.00 and under) I assumed there wouldn’t be too much food.  I wasn’t terribly hungry so I ordered one enchilada with re-fried beans and rice – cost was $7.75.  My youngest wouldn’t try any mexican so he ordered a cheeseburger and fries, my husband and other son both ordered combos – cost $10.00.  Well the food came and I couldn’t get over the amount of food.  The meals were fresh and delicious.  Total cost of the bill was $54.00 for the four of us – 64.00 total with tip added.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The next day we woke up to snow. On the way home we stopped at the Tulalip Casino Resort for a few photo ops.  Beautiful resort owned by the Tulalip Bands.



Nothing too exciting but we had a ball this Spring Break..Until the next break!

Hockey Night in Canada

In the post “Bye, Bye, Great Pumpkin” I talked about getting rid of our orange family room.  I hired a painter and re-painted the room a calm and soothing grey.  Took me a while to put the room back together because once I removed everything from the room, I didn’t want to put it all back.  Several years ago my husband won this big picture of Bobby Orr.  It is a nice picture but how do you decorate around Bobby Orr.  Now, now ladies if you’re saying get rid of Bobby Orr you have to remember that it’s not all about us.  Our hubbies have decorating preferences too – even if you don’t agree with your man’s taste he does have preferences.  My husband loves his Bobby Orr picture,  so being a hockey family we decided to put the picture in our family room.   One night while looking through blogs, I came across Micheline’s blog and really liked her art work.  Why I don’t know, I e-mailed Micheline to ask her if she would consider painting a  hockey picture of my children.  I sent the above picture of the boys, but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted or expected.  Micheline politely said “thank you, but no thanks.”  Part of her reluctance was she thought I wanted a portrait and I assured her I wanted something abstract.  The painting took about two months as she had other commission work to complete.  I had no idea what artistic brilliance Micheline would come up with and other than telling her what number jerseys the boys wear, and a few other tidbits of information, I left the professional part of painting up to the expert.  I guess you can say that this project was a leap of faith for both artist and client.  Glad to say we are both happy with the results.  I love the picture and Micheline took on something out of her comfort zone.   Thanks Micheline for helping me complete my decorating project, the picture looks awesome in our family room and compliments Bobby!   Below is the awesome pic Micheline came up with – I love it -hubbie is still warming up to it!




Recently I’ve come across a few blogs about thrifting and what people can do with a $1.00 item to spruce up their house.  Life as a thrifter shares so many wonderful ideas for decorating on on a budget and everything she does looks completely unique and chic.  The Schmitt House has inspired me to re-paint my family room which has just thrilled my husband to pieces – I’m including him in the plans and the work!  Cara Schmitt painted a feature wall red and she loved it when she first painted it but grew tired of it.  I fell in love with the colour terra cotta 5 years ago and decided to paint our kitchen and family room this colour.  My husband told me in 5 years I would tire of the colour, here we are 5 years later and I’m tired of of the colour.  He’s right and I’m wrong – betcha Cara’s husband told her the same thing.  I’m adding another category to my blog  – thrifting and what I do with my finds.  I’ll start out with my living room – I’m going to paint my pumpkin room and show before and after pics.  Here’s a few  before pics of the pumpkin room – don’t hold your breath for the after pics – it may be a while.

Cara thought her mantle was busy  – take a look at this – I’m not even sure how this happened – there is still a Christmas decoration up there and how about that lego ship – my son decided it looked pretty good up there along with the art he drew and shaped into a ball… Keep you posted..