A fellow blogger Murgatron’s Musings nominated me for the versatile blogger award.  I’m always humbled when someone likes my writing enough to acknowledge my blog.    The blogging world is a unique world where we look to one another’s writing with awe rather than jealousy and competitiveness.  The versatile blogger is one way to pay it forward to fellow bloggers and I love that.  Murgatron’s Musings is an interesting blog and Murr is on her way to becoming a herbalist.  I’m in the process of trying to simplify my life including what I’m eating and cooking.  I enjoy Murr’s insight and her posts always teach me a thing or two and makes me think outside the box.  Also, she’s a nicer person than I am as she’s a vegetarian  – I do eat meat but more and more I’m looking into eating less and less.    Here I’m supposed to tell you 10 random facts about myself and nominate fellow bloggers.  Thanks for the nod Murr.

Ten random facts:

I secretly want to live in a trailer – not a big trailer – just the space I need no more no less.

I wanted to name my first child Jamie – girl or boy – after reading Diane Gabaldon’s Outlander – when my first son was born,  I took one look at him and said to my husband  “oh no, he’s not a Jamie!”

I love to laugh.

I love to cook but don’t have the time to cook the way I want to.

I’m still searching for the meaning of life.

I am an Empath  – I channel people’s feelings and emotions, even people I don’t know – I’m learning how to manage this gift but people exhaust me.

I’m honest to a fault and soooo many people don’t really want to hear the truth.

I love to walk with nature.

I like real people but seem to have trouble finding them.

My husband and my boys are my greatest pleasures.

I’m paying it forward to the following blogs – I follow all these blogs – some have more followers than others but all of them are unique and interesting.  The individual person shines through their blog and I enjoy getting a sense of their souls.

mishmash art  – I found Micheline while searching for artists on the internet.  I decided I wanted  to commission an artist for a painting in my family room.  I wanted an abstract painting of my boys playing hockey.  Something about Micheline’s work resonated with me and e-mailed her to ask her if she would paint the boys playing hockey.   Micheline turned me down flat – I knew from looking at her work she could do it so let’s just say I pestered her and she took on the challenge and painted an amazing piece that I cherish.  She lives in a rural area on a farm and I enjoy reading about her life and her lessons about art and photography.  You can see the picture she painted for me here:  hockey night in Canada

my thoughts on a page  Tric is a stay home mom from Ireland who has a passion for writing.  She has many awards and probably doesn’t need this one, but I’m not sure how well-known she is on this side of the world. Being Irish I resonate with her writing, wit and humour. I like a good read and Tric’s blog is enjoyable and honest,  therefore I think she should be shared for all to enjoy.

terry1954 – When I first started reading Terry’s blog she was caring for her brother who had MSA.  He has since passed and she’s learning to live all over again through grief and triumph.  She is a gifted writer and has many years of experience to share with her readers.

the main focus – Anne is a writer and author who once was a teacher.  She finds writing to be therapeutic as she suffers from a chronic illness.  I plan to continue to write as I move through this journey called life and finding writers such as Anne for guidance and meaning teaches me about writing and helps me journey into my own psyche for inspiration.

dancing echoes is a beautiful blog dedicated to writing, poetry and photography.  She is a scientist by day and an artist by night.  I enjoy her pictures and her poetry.  She has an edge and an honesty that I like and inspires me to keep posting from the heart and not worry about what people think.

lacenruffles  Juliet is a fashionista after my own heart – she loves vintage and feminine.  Juliet has great style and encourages me to continue my thrifting ways!

tales from the wagginmaster Jerry and his wife, Carol, live the life I want to live.  They are RV masters and travel in their caravan from here to there.  I’m still working too much to accomplish the travelling life, but when I look at my trailer in my driveway I know my dream is on the not too distant horizon.  In the meantime, I follow Jerry and Carol as they travel and write about their experiences.

changing journey Teresa is on a journey of healing with God and her ministry.  When she is not working and blogging, she makes incredible natural creams and soaps.  I’m hooked but don’t take my word for it- check it out for yourself:  Cactusflowernaturals

and just a touch of crazy Joy is a blogger who suffers from Type I Bipolar and Panic Disorder.  Joy is a brave and creative soul who writes about daily life with her disorder.  She is an inspiration for all who suffer and I admire her honesty and openness.