Budded at least a week ago and I was looking forward to beautiful peonies.  Finally peonies bloomed this week and it’s been raining cats and dogs.  After work today I ran out and cut all the flowers off the peony bush and saved them from a frightful fate!

 The bee emerging from deep within the peony departs reluctantly   

Basho Matsuo


I’ve added a new category to momwhearingloss.  Friday’s phlog – simple concept really and I like simple.  I post a picture every Friday and everyone can let me know if they like it or not!  Some phloggers follow themes and post pictures with that theme in mind.  I’m not really a theme person, plus if I pick a theme then I’ll have to drive around to look for a particular picture to fit that theme.  I’m more of a random person, when the mood strikes I post or shoot.  Yesterday morning I was out walking my early morning walk and turned onto a street I hadn’t been on before.  I came around a corner and ran into this beautiful pink Chevrolet.  I cursed to myself because I had no camera.   This morning I was out for my walk bright and early  and this time I packed my camera.  Something about the era of the 50’s and 60’s I love.  Clothes were cool, cars were cool, music was cool, Elvis was cool, Beatles were cool – ok I’ll stop there because I could go on and on – here’s the focus of this phlog and  what a  beautie she is: