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at the start of the day, my world is so quiet, soundless and soothing, allowing me to focus on the stillness inside, slows my breath,  so my being can absorb the simplicity of life, attuned to the stillness,  the house takes on a different, dimension when you have  to rely on sight and smell, everything … Continue reading


At 8:30 pm the kids were in bed, my husband was napping before his midnight shift and I found myself alone  – the kitchen was clean – time for me  – I fixed myself a snack: I turned on the tv and this is what I watched: No sound except the crackling of the fire. … Continue reading


Last week I finally got my new hearing aids.  My old ones broke and since they were 9 years old I figured it was time to replace them.  I have sensorineural hearing loss which is nerve damage in the inner ear – both ears.  I started to wear hearing aids at the age of 19 … Continue reading