at the start of the day,

my world is so quiet,

soundless and soothing,

allowing me to focus

on the stillness inside,

slows my breath,

 so my being can


the simplicity of life,

attuned to the stillness,

 the house takes on

a different,

dimension when you have  to


on sight and smell,

everything has a way

of slowing to a halt,

and breathe, if you will,

the simplicity

of time,

before the chaos

of the hearing


drowns your soul,

deafness has


that no other

can relate,

the simplicity of stillness,

down deep


one’s soul.



At 8:30 pm the kids were in bed, my husband was napping before his midnight shift and I found myself alone  – the kitchen was clean – time for me  – I fixed myself a snack:

I turned on the tv and this is what I watched:

No sound except the crackling of the fire.  A cup of sleepy time tea, a piece of pomegranate fruit –   a little piece of heaven.  All is quiet, no bosses to deal with, no co-workers, children are quietly asleep, husband is most likely snoring and it’s just me – my fire, my tea and my pomegranate.  I swear I feel the heat from the fire and I think I have an understanding why some people choose to be hermits!  Unfortunately, the couch I am sitting on is along the wall that is adjoined to the laundry room and I can feel the vibrations of my washing machine completing it’s last spin, just waiting for me to move the clothing to the dryer – damn machines!


Last week I finally got my new hearing aids.  My old ones broke and since they were 9 years old I figured it was time to replace them.  I have sensorineural hearing loss which is nerve damage in the inner ear – both ears.  I started to wear hearing aids at the age of 19 but I should of worn hearing aids through high school.  It’s a wonder I made it through school with the amount of hearing loss that I had at that time.  In the last 10 years my hearing has deteriorated and I’ve been told that one day I could wake up and not hear a thing!  I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about that day, as I enjoy life as is right now.  I bought my last pair of hearing aids right at the time that digital hearing aids were all the new rage.  I had an extremely difficult time adjusting.   Everything sounded so much more precise and crisp to me.  It drove me a little batty so I had the hearing aid specialist program the aids so sounds were a little softer, so I didn’t hear quite as much but hopefully heard all the important things.  Hearing aids typically last 5 – 10 years.  As you can imagine in 5 – 10 years the difference in hearing aid technology is astronomical.  When I got to work with my new hearing aids I could hear every hum and rattle of the place.  After a day of listening to things that you don’t really need to hear, I found relief when I got home by removing my hearing aids –   put my head back and ahhh quiet.  Closed my eyes and just relished in the quiet – couldn’t hear any humming, couldn’t hear the kids, couldn’t hear the tv – just me and quiet!  It’s nice to slip out of reality every now and then and just go to my own world of quiet, where I can pick and choose when I want to hear.  I’m sure most people at time want to have the same experience and they can with ear plugs – just try it and you will find yourself going ahhhh quiet!