I saw you

in the darkness,

I know you didn’t see me,

you were

standing against the brick wall,

I saw the silhouette of you and

your shopping cart

against that wall,

you had a bag of some sort

maybe your meal for the day,

and it looked like you had no concerns

on this day,

I live in a warm house

with lots of food in my keep,

but my walk is full of concern

my friend

for the future of my children,

yet there I see you

with your back against a wall,

and I feel such remorse for having any

concerns at all,

my concern as I continue

to drive in my big fat

ridiculous truck,

is now turned to you and the many

like you

that you may have a warm

place to sleep

on this cold and dreary night,

all we can do is keep pluggin


every single one of us

with the hope

that one day

 all will

be with shelter and food

in a place that serves their loved ones

 with dignity, hope


a smile at the end

of each and every day,

I pray for

you my friend

that I may never see your

silhouette again,


you never know

we may

meet again,

and it may be my silhouette


you see against that brick wall.