Here we are in Las Vegas. This is part SIX of the trip.  Our drive started from Vancouver, Canada through Oregon, California, Arizona and now Nevada.  I’m not really a Vegas person and I was leaning toward skipping Vegas, but my husband said “you must see Vegas before you die!”   Honestly, there are many other places I would rather see before I’m six feet under.  Compromise is what it’s about, I wanted to see the Grand Canyon and he wanted to see Vegas.  So here we are – not really a place for children.  I’m not a gambler, but there were a few shows that would have been good to see.  Viva Elvis opened the night we arrived in Vegas, would love to see that show but not realistic with the boys.  We stayed at the Excalibur and paid something ridiculous as $30.00 for our room.  They didn’t make any money out of me because I’m not really a drinker, I don’t smoke, nor do I gamble!  My husband on the other hand likes to gamble and let’s just say that he turned our $30.00 room into a $300.00 room for the night!  That’s all I’m going to say because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!  Here’s a few pics, we only stayed one night and now I can say I’ve seen Vegas before I die!

I was disappointed to see the large amount of garbage on the street – come on people you would not act like this in someone else’s home, why do you think you can act like that in some else’s city. I watched people walking down the strip with alcohol in a glass and smashing the glass against the wall – rude, rude, rude – show some respect!