I’m so thankful to  for nominating  for the versatile blogger award.  I’ve been blogging for a couple of months now and I love it!  I was surprised and thrilled to receive this nomination.  I’ve also enjoyed reading other blogs and I love the many different perspectives on life! has been a joy to read.  Cookiemomma is a  mom to inspire to be like, her children are very lucky .ok – the rules:

1.  Name 15 fellow bloggers

2.  Inform bloggers of their nomination.

3.  Share  7 random thoughts about yourself.

4.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.

5.  Post the award badge.

7-random things about me!

1.  I am severely hearing impaired, but at times I hear better than most hearing people as I focus, lip read, watch body movement and  pay attention.

2.  I love my family – My children and my husband are my number 1 priority.

3.  I love to cook and eat!

4.  I love a good novel – the kind of novel where I miss and think about the characters once I finish the book.

5.  I have two big fears – I’m afraid to fly and I have this terrible fear of bed bugs!

6.  I’m very honest and loyal – I don’t have loads of friends, but the friends I have are friends for life.

7.  I dislike it when people are phony and fake – my favourite line is: Check your ego at the door!

My nominations for the most Versatile Blogger:

1: – Great mom stories, great family pictures – feel good blog.

2:  thegarumfactory – Great recipes and pictures

3. lesleycarter – Lesley has done so many amazing things in her short life so far – always a pleasure and interest to read her blog.

4. savorysimple / – another great recipe blog – Savorysimple has great homey, simple recipes – I love a simple approach to food.

5.deidraalexander  – love the honesty of this blog  – the writing and the pictures are very good.

6: shahanifudge – good blog about fashion and life in general – love to see what she’s wearing.

7.  talinorfali / – A good read blog – blogs about things that matter, being true to yourself – plus she’s Canadian a fellow easterner as well!

8. soulblindministry  – This man has been through it all – hell and back and he doesn’t seem to have a bitter bone in his body – very inspirational work.

9. myparentsarecrazierthanyours  – This young lady has found herself in some difficult times – yet she writes about it with such clarity and honesty.  Can’t help but like this lady  – great work and great writing.

10.niseenscene / – I love the pictures in this blog – great recipes and good traveling tips – really enjoy this blog and one of my favourite blogs – Plain People.

11.wesothrifty / – I love thrift shopping, consignment shopping, garage sales all stuff vintage – This lady has all the tips and great pics – plus she’s a fellow easterner Canadian!

12. oregontale / – tale of a couple starting over in Oregon – Love the Oregon coast – drive there every summer with our vintage 1977 trillium trailer – love the pics on this blog.

13.dancingmossecafe  – Can really relate to this as this blog documents family life from the eyes of two boys.

14.anuneducatedpalate  – Love food and pics – Cooking classes, recipes and pictures all in one blog

15. theparadigmshifts  / – This blog has everything, God, Antiques, life – good writing.