Winter Nakedness – Friday’s phlog for December 5, 2014.

raw trees“The beauty is in the starkness of the trees.   The nakedness of winter trees empowers me breathe into the depth of my soul and face my vulnerability only to realize that all that is wrong in this present moment will be replaced by a transformation when I’m held in the arms of the sun.”

johanne fraser


I watch her everyday,

walking through her life at this moment so strong and bright,

but underneath it all, she’s starting to become undone,

I see it in her eyes, body and gestures,

she’s trying to be so strong, but she’s slowly falling apart inside,

she has to be strong for her husband and her child, but somewhere

inside there is a little girl just begging to have this all over,

I try to just be there, without reminding her everyday of her worries,

I sure hope she knows that I’m there to lend a helping hand, a good ear and

a shoulder to cry on.

I think she knows that I’m there, but she has other worries right now

not a time to be selfish or needy, it’s a time to just sit and wait,

things will get better and she will get stronger,

she doesn’t realize that she’s already stronger,

through her fragility, vulnerability and  emotions,

her strength is shining through,

I’m very proud to be her friend and even though there is little I can do,

my prayers are with her everyday.

Johanne Fraser