weeping willow

Every time I walk or drive by a weeping willow tree, I stop and take a closer look.  For some reason the tree holds my gaze as I find the tree’s weeping limbs fascinating. My fascination with the tree started many years ago as I watched my father plant a weeping willow in our back yard. Every year I was amazed at how fast the tree grew and over time I just couldn’t imagine that house or backyard without the weeping willow. Years went by and my father and I were separated by miles.  My father phoned me every week to catch up with my life and during one of our weekly conversations  he told me that he had to cut the willow down.  The tree’s roots had grown into the boulevard at the back of the house causing significant damage.  I was sad to see my tree go and today I still stop to stare at the weeping willows.  This past summer I found this one during one of my early morning walks.  I realized while  taking this picture that even though I’m captivated by the willow’s eccentric and hypnotic sway,  I really don’t like the weeping willows very much as I find the tree rather oppressive.